Many Eat Bengkuang Make White, Hoax or Not?

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Many Eat Bengkuang Make White, Hoax or Not?

Jakarta, Lotion with yam content is believed to make skin become whiter. In connection with this, eating bengkuang many-many were believed to have the same effect. According to nutritionist Jansen Ongko, MSc, RD, jelly berupakan vegetables derived from tubers, with water content and high nutrition. Yes, the yam has about 20.2 mg or 34 percent of daily recommendations of vitamin C per 100 g, while the mineral content is phosphorus, iron, and calcium. Due to the high water content, the yam can increase the fluid in the body. Meanwhile, vitamin C in bengkuang plays a powerful antioxidant to help the body prevent harmful free radicals, thus offering protection from cancer, inflammation, and viruses, says Jansen. Read also: Though Small Size, Honey Pineapple Powerful Lowers Cholesterol? , vitamin C content also provides stimulation of skin cells to regenerate, so that dead skin cells change with new ones. While phenolic substances in bengkuang quite effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, so the color changes due to hormones, sunlight, and acne scars can be prevented or reduced. But that does not mean eating yam can make skin whiter yes, only skin can become healthier, said Jansen Read also: Come So Intelligent Parent To Not Easy ‘Eat’ Hoax (ajg / vit)

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